Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Chioma Commission

Chioma is a good friend from the Christian Union at Bath Spa University. She is in her third year and asked me to take some photos so she could put one in the year book.
We walked around Victoria Park for about an hour I think, admiring the cherry blossoms (which we both love!) and taking photos. It was a perfectly blue-sky day and the lighting was lovely! I was able to use full manual mode and mess around with lighting.

So here is a selection of my favourite photos.

As I mentioned above the cherry blossoms were amazing and I couldn't help but take a few photos of them myself.

These two photos came about after I forgot to change the exposure on the camera so they came out over exposed. A little bit of Lightroom fun and these came out (and in case you didn't know, that's the Royal Crescent!):

Friday, 22 April 2011

Portrait Photography

Firstly, apologies for the time it took to write this blog! My laptop crashed a few weeks ago and it had to be sent away for 2 weeks. I only got it back on Sunday and it took me 2 days to install 3 years' worth of updates! Thankfully I was able to back up all my work before PC World wiped the harddrive! So continuing on...

Portrait photography is not my strongest skill however over the last few weeks I have been given some excellent opportunities to improve.

I was asked to take photos for a friend of a friend, Luke, for his student campaign. I said yes but I was not too confident as I have never really enjoyed portrait photography. I find posed shots boring and fake (not all the time but most of the time). I prefer taking natural shots of people, photos that they don't know I'm taking. The photos are more real that way. You see more personality in the shot. You see the real person not the person they want to be seen as.

So I spent about an hour following these guys around campus taking photos at random places. It was fun. We did struggle with the light. The sun was behind me most of the time which meant Luke was squinting into the camera. Unfortunately we couldn't do anything about this because this was the only time we could take the photos.

When I looked at the photos later, I definitely prefered the natural shots I had taken inbetween poses. They were better in every way. However they wouldn't work for his campaign.

Here is an example of what I mean:

First, the posed shots:

This photo (above) works better than the others mostly because Luke had the sun behind him! The lighting was better for me and he wasn't squinting.

Now for the natural shots:

Of course looking at the photos now, the posed photos aren't that bad! But that's what Luke wanted, posed photos for a campaign.

This is his manifesto.

The elections took place before Easter and unfortunately Luke did not win.

A few days later a friend, Hope, and I were having a break from editing our short film. It was a lovely sunny day so we sat on the grass to eat our lunch. I took out my camera and just started snapping random shots. Only one was properly posed. The rest are all natural.

Over the summer I hope to find a photographer to shadow to learn more about portrait photography and to gain the experience I require to start my own photography business for the Creative Enterprise Project module in September.

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